Lela Alston for State Senate 2020

for State Senate 2022



About Lela

I want to be your state senator because I am appalled at what the Republican leadership is doing to our state. The bills coming out of our legislature are having a devastating impact on families, the disabled, seniors, jobs, education, and healthcare. This is unconscionable and it needs to stop. I believe legislators work for their constituents, and should put their priorities first, not their own. I am running because I want to change the focus and priorities of the legislature back to those of the people, and I know I have the experience and the leadership to make that happen.

 I am a Phoenix native and I attended Adams/Grace Court Elementary and went on to graduate from Phoenix Union High School. As a product of public education, I strongly believe in and credit Arizona's kindergarten through university educational system for making the difference in my ability to help others.

I earned my bachelor's degree at University of Arizona in three years and later received my master's from Arizona State University while teaching full time in the Phoenix Union High School District. I was elected to the PUHSD Governing Board in November of 2008, continuing my service to Phoenix students and families after teaching in the district for 34 years.

In 1976, I was elected to the Arizona State Senate where I served on the appropriations committee for 18 years. In my 27 years at the legislature, I have focused on supporting programs designed to strengthen the education system and improve health care for children and families.

Lela Alston

Awards and Honors
Honorary State Firefighter
Girl Scouts' 2002 World of Children Award
Lela Alston Elementary school in the Isaac District.

The Issues

Civil Rights

I will continue to oppose legislation that undermines equality, and I will fight for legislation that expands equal treatment under the law for every individual.

Climate Change

We need to act now to address wildfires and the water crisis in Arizona. My record shows consistent support of alternative energy to keep Arizona's air clean and water sustainable.

Defend Democracy

After the ridiculous "audit" of the 2020 election by Arizona Senate Republicans, we know they will try to pass more voter suppression laws in the name of election integrity. As your state senator, I will fight against those bills and work to make voting easier and secure for Arizonans.


I promote policies that improve the well-being of everyone, not just the wealthy. I'm focused on providing affordable housing, addressing homelessness, and my continued work in making Arizona a leader in biotechnology research.


Continuing my lifelong commitment to education, I believe the legislature should stop the persistent attacks on public education, and create a sustainable funding stream that our public education system and our students deserve.

Health Care

I will continue the fight for access to quality, affordable health care for every Arizonan. I will work to protect reproductive rights, children's health care, and expanding funding and access for behavioral health.


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