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PLEASE NOTE: Individual contribution limits are $4000 per person per election cycle or $8000 for a couple. Please remember that corporate contributions are not accepted. Contributions to political campaigns are not tax-deductible.

In addition to address and phone number, Arizona law requires contributors to report their employer and job title, so please remember to submit your employer and job title information on the last page of the donation form (just click on the link on the left hand side of the page after filling out page 1).

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Why I'm Running

I want to be your state representative because I am appalled at what the Republicans in power are doing to our state. The devastating impact that bills coming out of this legislature have on families, the disabled, seniors, jobs, education and healthcare is unconscionable and it needs to stop. Our representatives should work for us, but in order for that to happen we must first change the focus and priorities of our legislature. I want to be part of that change because I know that I have the experience to make it happen. Click here to read the rest....

Economy • Education

Economy - Promote high wage job growth to allow for our citizens to achieve economic stability for their families as well as the well-being for our state. We need to stop the boom and bust cycle we have experienced and examine ways to promote stability.

Education - Minimize budget damage to schools, including K-12, Community Colleges and our Universities. Exceptional education opportunities are the foundation of success for both the individual student and the workforce needs of the future.

Environment - Preserve Arizona's resources to allow for the enjoyment of our wonderful state parks and natural settings. It nurtures our soul. We need to protect those resources. Support biotech and alternative energy industries as a true potential for our state and to alleviate those economic cycles that have harmed Arizona in the past few years.

Endorsements in 2014

  • Arizona List
  • Professional Fire Fighters of Arizona
  • United Phoenix Fire Fighters Association Local # 493
  • Sierra Club
  • Maricopa County Democratic Party
  • Planned Parenthood
  • UFCW #99
  • AzNaA PAC – Arizona Nurses Association PAC
  • IBEW Local 640 – International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers
  • Equality Arizona
  • Arizona Education Association’s PAC—the AEA Fund for Public Education
  • Stonewall Democrats
  • AZ State Lodge – Fraternal Order of Police, Inc

Endorsements in 2012

  • US Senator Dennis DeConcini - Retired
  • Governor Rose Mofford - Retired
  • Senator David Lujan
  • Representative Chad Campbell - House Democratic Leader
  • Representative Steve Farley - House Democratic Assistant Leader
  • Representative Anna Tovar - House Democratic Whip
  • Representative Katie Hobbs
  • Representative Debbie McCune Davis
  • Representative Ruben Gallego
  • Sheriff John R. Armer - Gila County Sheriff
  • Terry Goddard - Former Phoenix Mayor - Former Attorney General
  • Marcia Weeks - Former Senator - Former Corporation Commissioner
  • Jim Weeks - Former Phoenix City Council Member - Former Corporation Commissioner
  • Becky Jordon - Former Representative
  • Linda Abril - PUHSD Governing Board President
  • Amy Kobeta - PUHSD Governing Board Past President
  • Liz Meza - Phoenix Elementary Governing Board
  • Ken Clark - Former Representative
  • Shawn Hutchinson - President IBEW Local 640
  • Paul Lowes -PUHSD Classroom Teachers' Association - President
  • Ed Bufford -PUHSD Classroom Teachers' Association - Past President
  • Tom Oviatt - PUHSD Classified Employees' Association
  • Mike Colletto
  • Claudia Sue Armer
  • Monica Goddard
  • Jill Bergen
  • James Kimes
  • Cindy Holmes
  • Kathleen Abernathy
  • Athia Hardt
  • Bette DeGraw
  • Joyce Geyser
  • Jeff and Lisa Geyser
  • Margaret Gabaldon
  • Sue Davis
  • Mary Patricia Rush
  • Jo Anne Musolf
  • Eleanor Eisenberg
  • Chad Weeks
  • Peter S. Wertheim
  • Cheryl Collier
  • Norma "Tizzy" Tisdel
  • John Tisdel
  • Mary Peralta
  • Mark Kloth
  • Chris Wertheim
  • Leo and Kathy Corbett
  • George Weisz
  • Marcia Imber
  • David and Cecelia Wolf
  • Elizabeth Roberts
  • Judith Hardes
  • J. David Smith
  • Theresa Gabaldon
  • Ruben Alonzo
  • Julia Martori
  • Susanne Mercier
  • Bahney Dedolph
  • Madelaine Adelman
  • Isaiah Lopez
  • Heather Smith
  • Anthony Dunnigan, M.D.
  • Ernest Calderon
  • Ann Timmer
  • Helen Santana
  • Philip J. MacDonnell
  • Tim Palatronie
  • Richard Foreman
  • Jan Lorant
  • W. John Williamson
  • Jonn Shovestull
  • Ann Miles
  • Vivian Wood
  • Linda Brown
  • Professional Fire Fighters Association of Arizona
  • Phoenix Fire Fighters Association
  • United Food and Commercial Workers Local 99
  • Arizona Republic
  • Southwest Gas Corporation
  • Arizona List
  • Arizona Women's Political Caucus
  • Planned Parenthood
  • Equality Arizona
  • Arizona Education Association
  • Arizona State Building Trades Council
  • Arizona Pipe Trades 469
  • Arizona Association of Realtors
  • Fraternal Order of Police - Arizona State Lodge
  • Arizona Highway Patrol Association
  • Arizona Police League
  • Phoenix Law Enforcement Association - PLEA
  • Arizona Medical Political Action Committee Board of Directors
  • Arizona Nurses Association
  • Arizona Hospital and Healthcare Association Political Action Committee
  • Arizona AFL-CIO
  • International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 640
  • Home Builders Association of Central Arizona
  • Arizona State Contractors Coalition - ASCC
  • Communication Workers of America - Arizona State Council
  • Sierra Club - Grand Canyon Chapter
  • Arizona Child Care Association
  • Sheet Metal Workers International Local Union 359
  • National Association of Social Workers - Arizona Chapter
  • AFSCME Arizona PEOPLE Conference
  • AZ League of Conservation Voters
  • AZ National Organization of Women Political Action Committee
  • Humane Voters of Arizona
  • Arizona Academy of Family Physicians
  • Democracy for America - Maricopa County
  • Arizona Construction Association - AzCA


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