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About the Issues

"As a Phoenix Union High School District Governing Board member I am faced with policies and skimpy budgets that continue to challenge our schools. I will continue to fight for every student to have access to a quality education and put a focus on developing 21st century job skills for our students so they can compete in the global economy." - Lela Alston

Education - Lela believes the legislature needs to stop the persistent attacks on schools and the budget strangling that have left a generation of students with less opportunity than those before them. Quality education from early childhood to higher education should be accessible and affordable. Exceptional education opportunities are the foundation of success for both the individual student and the workforce needs of the future.

Lela Alston Economy - Arizona families need high wage jobs, and we need to make sure we are producing a skilled workforce to attract them. Because the economy draws its strength from its residents, Lela promotes policies that improve the wellbeing of everyone, not just a few people or special interests. Lela has won awards and recognition for her work in making Arizona a leader of biotechnology research

Environment - Preserving Arizona's resources to allow for the enjoyment of our wonderful state parks and natural beauty is a top priority. Lela has consistently supported measures for alternative energy to keep Arizona's air clean and water sustainable and pure.

Civil Rights - From voting rights to equitable treatment, the Arizona legislature has shown its disregard for minorities, the LGBTQ community, the disabled, and elderly. As your senator, Lela will continue to oppose any legislation that undermines equality and fight for legislation that expands equal treatment under the law.