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Why I am Running

I want to be your state senator because I am appalled at what the Republican leadership is doing to our state. The bills coming out of our legislature are having a devastating impact on families, the disabled, seniors, jobs, education, and healthcare. This is unconscionable and it needs to stop. Our representatives should work for us, but for that to happen we must first change the focus and priorities of our legislature. I want to be part of that change because I know that I have the experience and leadership to make it happen.

I previously served 18 years in the State Senate and I am living proof that it is possible to put party differences aside and produce positive results. Friends and colleagues from both sides of the aisle have encouraged me to return to the State Senate because of my solid record in building bipartisan support for bills with teeth and integrity. We need to pull together to get Arizona back on track and get those who have been using their elected office for personal gain to find venues other than our legislature to do so.

As a Phoenix Union High School District Governing Board member I am faced with policies and budgets from our legislature that gravely damage our public schools. As your Senator, I will work to rectify this, make education accessible to all, and put the focus on 21st century jobs and skills so that our students can compete in our domestic economy and globally.

Lela (on right) with friend Katy

During my years in the Senate and House, I have fought for working families, local businesses, seniors, and the disabled. I was instrumental in the launching of ASU West. I was honored to have Lela Alston Elementary School named after me in recognition of the work I have done and continue to do for our community. I taught for 35 years in Phoenix Union High Schools and understand the challenges facing families because they are my issues too. I grew up in Phoenix and am a product of Arizona's public education system, from kindergarten through graduate school. I raised and educated my children in Phoenix. I am a native Arizonan with roots firmly planted in our state's history and its future, a future I will work to improve.

My decision to run is an act of passion and concern, not a stepping-stone to any other position, elected or otherwise. To build a stronger Arizona, we need legislators who can hit the ground running and understand what it means to negotiate, find common ground, and produce results. I have done it all before and I want to do it again. I ask for your vote so that we can build the Arizona that works for and supports everyone.


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